FSC certification

FSC is an international non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper. The FSC label is available on wood and paper products that you can buy with a clear conscience.

An FSC certificate reflects the fact that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. The certification also ensures that wildlife is protected and that the people working in the forest are trained, have proper safety equipment and are paid a fair wage.

Source: fsc.dk

Jarnes and FSC

Jarnes wants to be socially and environmentally responsible, which is why we are FSC-COC certified. This means that Jarnes can prove how FSC wood is traceable to other wood-based raw materials in the production and supply chain. In this context, a number of procedures have been developed and implemented to ensure that Jarnes complies with the FSC COC requirements at all times. All certified establishments are inspected at least once a year, both by announced and unannounced visits. FSC certification is valid for five years, after which the company must be re-certified.

When you buy goods from Jarnes that are FSC-labelled, it is your guarantee that the material used comes from FSC-certified forests and controlled sources.

Source: https://dk.fsc.org/dk-dk/certificering/coc

Read more at www.fsc.dk

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