Mini jewellery trays

Small and smart

The small and smart Mini jewellery trays present your jewellery in a nice and clear way. Our Mini Jewellery Trays can be used both in the exhibition or as a presentation tray.

As standard, Mini jewellery trays measure 284 x 113 x 20 mm. They are made with an oak outer tray with black cardboard on the back. The insert with cushions is handmade. Mini jewellery trays cannot be stacked.

Outer tray

The mini jewellery trays have an oak outer tray, which is available in natural or black stained.


In the range of Mini jewellery trays we offer 4 different inserts, designed for multiple purposes.
All inserts can be seen in the section below:

Out. mea.: 284 x 113 x 20 mm.

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