Inserts for boxes

Secure your products with inserts from Jarnes and achieve the best presentation

Jarnes has extensive experience in producing inserts for boxes, Christmas calendars, etc. The inserts are produced mainly to ensure that the product is firmly fixed and at the same time presented in the most attractive way. Inserts can be used in all industries.

When designing an insert, we need a sample of your product so that our moulding tools can be accurately adjusted to the shape and size of the product. Our product developer is a specialist in the development of moulding tools, which ensures that we can offer you solutions where your product is presented and protected in the best possible way.

We can produce inserts in both cardboard and vacuum material.

Cardboard inserts

Cardboard inserts are an elegant and sustainable solution for presenting your product. In recent years, we have seen a growing demand for cardboard inserts in several industries, as cardboard is increasingly perceived as an environmentally friendly solution. We are able to make cardboard inserts in several colours.

All cardboard inserts require at least one punching tool for start-up. Jarnes is approved to produce food grade carton inserts.

Vacuum inserts

Vacuum inserts are a practical and flexible solution for protecting and presenting your product. They can be produced in transparent or coloured plastic, as well as in a flocked plastic material.

All vacuum inserts require a vacuum form as a tool for start-up.

If you want a packaging solution with either a cardboard insert or a vacuum insert, you are always welcome to contact us about a solution that suits both you and your product.

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